About Melissa Grace

Welcome! I’m Melissa Grace

My career in education started after returning from living abroad for three years in Cambridge, England when I acquired the Montessori AMS certification. While in training at the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in North Carolina, I also taught in a private Montessori school in Durham, NC. Afterwards, I was the Lead teacher in a Reggio Emilia-based classroom on the SAS corporate campus world headquarters in Cary, North Carolina.

In 2001, I set off for an adventure in the Denver, Colorado metro area where I first worked as a Montessori Mentor to new teachers in Denver. I provided consulting services for an association serving over five hundred socioeconomically disadvantaged students, the majority of which were second language English learners.

I have spent the last 17 years in two separate public charter schools. I was responsible for implementing all content in the Colorado State Standards and, as part of the Montessori department, aligning it to the Montessori curriculum and method. I served on numerous committees dedicated to creating lessons and materials that ensured the integrity of both. For five years, I taught in a Title I Montessori school with about 85% of the demographic being non-native English speakers. My love of ESL began in 2019 when I took a position in the English as a Second Language department. I’ve also held the positions of Gifted and Talented Coordinator, and Librarian.

My online teaching experience started in 2019 when my entire classroom went online due to Covid. I currently have online adult students on three different continents.

My Experience

  • 23 years as a Professional Educator
  • Online teaching platforms: Zoom, Google Classroom, MiroBoard, Google Meet, Tencent since 2019
  • Veteran Teacher, Coach and Mentor to Second Language Learners

My Education

  • B.A. Philosophy and Psychology
  • American Montessori Society Certification
  • DPS English as a Second Language Curriculum Certification